Communication isn't about sounding confident. It's about ​what's worth saying, to those people, in that way. ​Stay true to yourself and communicate.​

“The number one job of the focused leader is: clarity.” - 5x CEO, Edwin Miller

Activation Communication System

Inspired by Greek philosophers, neuroscience, and real-life experience. Intentionally made to expand your mind and uplevel you and your business.



It’s the first pillar of Classical Rhetoric (of 5 total). We use the common topics (explanation types, proofs, comparison, etc) and topologies specific to your need to prompt all the thinking available to us. It will be too much, but we want to start here before opening a PowerPoint, blank document, or design canvas.

Arrangement and Style

Now we focus on the audience, instead of our message. Who are they? What state are they likely to be in right before you touch them, and what do you desire as their after state? Storyboarding will refine and focus your Discovery down to about 20% of what you have available: what’s perfect for this audience at this moment? Then we dress it up, using Style.


Delivery and Roleplay

Now we roleplay whatever it is—a pitch, an interview, a high-stakes presentation, a hard conversation. Built on the foundation of our deep thinking before, this is never about the anxiety of scripting. Instead, it’s about the surety and simplicity of being ourselves and knowing what we have to offer and what we want. You’ll feel the rhythms of being yourself in this moment. 

About Isaiah McPeak

Isaiah McPeak knows how to create success. He is a Master Yoda of digital product management, communications, leadership, and teaching. The source of his force is the neuroscience behind behavior, motivation, and dropping guard, met with classical rhetoric and ancient philosophy twist.

He has started six organizations, designed and shipped over 200 digital products and feature sets, successfully been part of four startups raising pre-seed funding and journeying to growth stage (5 money raises, $6M total), personally sold over $35M in services and software, and coached CEOs and keynote speakers. 

He is co-author of Upside Down Debate: A Deeper Why to Persuasion and a frequent speaker and trainer in Austin, TX’s tech and startup communities.


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