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“In business, wisdom is the courage to do things simply.”

Consulting for Human Beings

The right advice at the wrong time is the wrong advice. True statements you can't use are false statements. A perfect plan for someone else is a lousy plan for you. No matter the job, I do these three things with every client:


I use years of context, active listening, and deep discovery skills to find where my clients are along their journey. I hate seeing teams floundering or fighting over what they're "supposed to do." The first step to success is to see what they need. Often, this takes less than an hour.


Next, I prove to my clients with only pen and paper that the solution is simpler than they think. I've worked with consultants who would tell someone lost in the woods to build a log cabin. I'd rather just draw them a map.


People come to me for a lot of things. They want to pitch like an executive, not like a victim; sell like a person, not like a shark; or grow like a forest, not like a headache. Once they start to see the path, we simulate obstacles and marshal resources so they can walk the road themselves. I won't leave until they're ready.

About Isaiah McPeak

My dream is to prove that you can succeed by being a giver, no matter how big, bad, and scary your organization looks. No matter who told you that you needed to be closed-off and selfish to succeed in business, I promise you that they were wrong. My mission is to prove it. To do that, I started GiverFly: A business Dagobah, where givers go to learn to defeat the Dark Side.

I’ve built every department of a business from scratch, consulted at every level from solo startup to Fortune 10 executives, designed SaaS products on my kitchen table that make millions in revenue, built 5 SaaS sales teams, raised 6 million dollars, and pulled off 2 turnarounds. I figured out three or four really good frameworks that let me turn ideas into plans, plans into products, people into executives, and executives into people. In the end, I’ve learned two things:

1. Wisdom is the courage to do things simply.
2. All I want to do is give back and help people.

In my spare time, I like to play trumpet and go mountain biking. I escaped Northern Virginia and live in Georgetown, TX with my wife and three children, who are the light of my life. I try to keep things simple. Let’s talk.


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