A meditation for the times

The ghostwriter David McPeak strikes again! This seems to be on its way to a duo self-talk. Please feel free to join in sometime as well.

Miyamoto Musashi, in his excellent classic – The Book of Five Rings – notes that “perception is strong, but sight is weak.” This is an ancient call to practice wisdom in one’s daily life. What one sees before their eyes may in fact be the hand wave of the magician causing us to miss the more important something going on in the background or even within our own hearts and minds.

As we undergo the stress of COVID-19 and see the hair-on-fire approach of trying to solve in insoluble; perhaps we should take a deep breath, count to one hundred…backwards…in a foreign language. And then, try and perceive what are the things that are going on that we should truly care about and take action to address. And, what are those things which are “noise” or distractions. What should we be perceiving?

Perhaps, when viewed not as impending doom, or a titanic disaster we might perceive in this crisis a call for a re-evaluation of what is important. Truly important. We might start with our relationships that are often taken for granted. Or, perhaps our health, which now takes on new meaning. Or, our life’s rhythms, which may need realignment according to what we are perceiving as being meaningful.

All this can be done solo, or as a culture… and such opportunities for thinking – perceiving; are they in fact not a gift?


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