Ada Rayland

The just-getting-started trainer

Ada helps founders focus on JUST the right things

  • She helps founders know when they can quit their day job. Hint: you’ve got to ignore the entrepreneurial noise and get value right. 
  • Her classes are methodical and consistent. 
  • Best of all, she will help you focus on the RIGHT actions for the RIGHT stage. It’s a relief to NOT do off-stage activities and focus on the ONE THING you should be doing before product-market-fit. 
  • Don’t do all the “supposed to’s” of the wrong stage, or you cement a high cost/value ratio. 
Before you come to me for pitch coaching, fundraising, or learning to close your first deal as a founder, make sure you’ve got the four core models of your business humming with Ada. 


Family tech, neuroscience, communication, product management, growth

A synthesizer of neuroscience, classical rhetoric, philosophy, 5,000+ hours at whiteboards, high stakes presentations, Fortune 10 consulting, and startup growth.

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