Asynchronous video… a critical review

I’ve been trying out some asynchronous video apps. Something hasn’t quite clicked for me.

But the why suddenly did click. In a conversation, in a live video, and even in a text conversation really going on, there’s a back-and-forth that is “a conversation.” You can even achieve this with a walkie talkie.

An asynchronous video (a video message you send to be replied to later) is more of a report even when the next reply from the other person comes after they watch then reply to it. It’s not a real conversation, unless that is the conversation (“we leave each other video messages here”).

Asynchronous video is a great way to update family (e.g. Marco Polo), but may often best lead to a call not a “reply.” As a practical way to discuss, get things done, or connect, I’d argue other mediums are far more effective.


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