Atoms of Trust

On my product teams we often like to follow atomic design. (Brad Frost has the greatest explanation)

The progression of atomic design: atoms to molecules to organiams to templates to pages

Here are some of the atoms of trust:

  • Button Titles in products. On my WordPress menu right now I can see about 25 buttons to click. Does “Insights” actually reveal insights in the same way that “Forms” lets me build a form? (No! It really doesn’t)
  • Paralanguage (tone, pacing). How you inflect a word or phrase, and your mannerisms while speaking, drive trust more than what you’re saying.
  • Eye contact. Your eyes are how you establish connection, which is another word for a “trust container” that is directly proportional to the strength of the connection.
  • First Reaction/Automatic disposition. When someone brings up a problem, like a customer service issue, a product problem, or a disagreement, how open is the initial response? Is there a fortress, or an immediate shift to try and see from your perspective?
  • Followups. How quickly a problem is solved, or a followup is made, builds trust.


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