Big rocks again…
14 Jul, 2020

I had to make some improvements, along with my marketing manager, to how we did big rocks. People were getting confused:

  • What is the connection between big rocks and our goals for the quarter?
  • Our daily updates sometimes were focusing on to-dos / tasks instead of projects / rocks
  • It’s challenging to see that your project both advances an overall goal AND is part of an initiative

Yes, yes, we could get complicated project management software. I never want to scale too early. We’re still storming and norming!

Instead, we killed the Trello board we’d put so much work into by retitling it backlog, and created a new one that was just ONE week of focus. So it’s a marketing/growth team one-week sprint. Then on Monday and Friday we draw the connections to the overall goals and initiatives.

Here are my big rocks for the week:

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