My Influences

The way my brain works is like a whirlwind vacuum: it collects more than you’d expect, but where things came from just gets mixed together. “You synthesize on the fly like a mo-fo” the head of UX at a recent company told me after my first week on the job. I spent most my life thinking that was normal, but have learned that I process without words in images/thoughts/extrapolations first, and attach words to those thoughts second. 

So there’s a speed of image, experience, situation, and thought that is far faster than I can communicate. I’m often frustrated by this and start drawing on the whiteboard to help organize and draw what’s stuck.

These are the people, books, and experiences that most shaped the key areas I work. 


  • Leadership and Self-Deception
  • Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • The War of Art
  • Inspired: How to build tech products customers love


  • Presentation Zen
  • Made to Stick
  • 60 Ways to Turn a Phrase

Individual Improvement

  • Immortal Diamond
  • Nichomachean Ethics
  • Jewish New Testament


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A synthesizer of neuroscience, classical rhetoric, philosophy, 5,000+ hours at whiteboards, high stakes presentations, Fortune 10 consulting, and startup growth.

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