Books-per-year is an awful metric

It’s that new years season. I’m seeing all the stacks of books and book count posts. It got me starting to count all the books I read last year. Then I stopped.

A great discussion with another entrepreneur today about why we both read Dune this year among other things kind of unpacked it a little more. There’s a different relationship you can have with books besides “getting through” them: letting them change you.

This year I was changed by Reboot, Scythe, Give and Take, Ego is the Enemy, How to (not) Be Secular, and more. I didn’t finish them all. I didn’t finish any of them quickly (except Scythe). Somehow my relationship with books changed a few years back: the book is a prompt to awaken something within.

So motivating yourself to “finish” a bunch may not be as valuable as reading one page and heading straight to your journal!


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