Form following function

When form leads: Re-architected processes with no throughput Endless meetings Debate about the right “way” is abstracted from what flows through 1x results, especially in “agile” over-measured creative production When form leads: Innovation in form is on target since form adjustments flow from the source You end up writing the “here’s how we did it” … Read more

Delegating Genius

I just learned this from one Jared Montz, a genius (and former pro MLS player, YouTube star, franchise owner, CEO). It’s that sometimes coaching/teaching moments with your team work better from an outside voice, even when you have what’s needed. So don’t be afraid to “delegate genius” to improve the power of your message. Jared … Read more

How to silence the loudest voices

We’re polarized by loud voices. It’s like having angry newscasters in your head. You can silence them. Here’s how: don’t listen to them. It’ll take “they” from “over there” to right in front of you. When you—yourself, personally—talk to a non-belligerent liberal, conservative, libertarian, agnostic, atheist, Muslim, Christian, pick your race, creed, background, orientation, you’ll … Read more

Fact or Opinion? There are more kinds

The news has oversimplified our brains: that’s fact, that’s opinion. Modern education has supported this model: “let’s increase the amount of facts in your head, then maybe your opinions will be better.” Aristotle classified five types of knowledge, which are the pillars of the classical liberal arts education (though, hilariously, I’ve worked at classical schools … Read more

Why I Read Every Day

Reading is one of my “life basics” patterns that if I stop, I spiral downward. But I’m not completely certain why. I’ve never asked myself! Here are some answers I’m coming up with right now: Because my Dad (a career Army officer) said that they say if you read 15 minutes a day, no matter … Read more

“What’s the hard part?”

Seth Godin recently pumped this up as a valuable question in some contexts. I’m here to tell you that it is. I’ve used that question extremely effectively: To better understand what someone was trying to get at at work. To make some plans that affect multiple people. With my daughter to expand my empathy on … Read more

Expertise should make more offers

I’ve lately been encountering experts who have a “whatever you want” menu of services. It takes so long for me, when it’s an area that I don’t know what I’m buying, to suss out a real menu! If you’re an expert in your field, make sure you realize that making offers is one of the … Read more

Noticing is painful

Self-awareness hurts. It’s easier to numb and keep doing tomorrow the same things you were doing today. I am learning that spending weeks intentionally “noticing” can lead to dissatisfaction with my current reality. But that’s the only pathway to changing it. I never want to acquire the skill of checking out!