Practices – How A Growth Coach Communicates Tech Products

Why isn’t this called mental hacks? Today I feel like “hack” is a bad word because of all that it implies. Much suffering comes from a mentality of hacks and shortcuts, so you have to keep reading the whole word 😉 neuroscience.  Neuroscience, neuroscience, neuroscience. These practices are good for the brain, and proceed from … Read more

Structuring a Growth Coach Arrangement (if you do; which you probably shouldn’t)

Business and Coaching Startups that build tools for startups. Something has always felt wrong about that, to me. I know it’s a real market, but it just seems so ironic.  Business coaching seems the same way. “Hi, I’m a business coach. My business is to coach your business. Without the skin in the game that … Read more

Navigating Fundraising Advice for Startups

In an emergency fundraising period this fall, I led an effort that resulted in three seed-state term sheets. In two weeks. Having completed several rounds of funding in the past few years—with my own company, at a turnaround, as 1st employee from pre-seed through Series A, and as a hired CEO—I have learned a thing … Read more