Benefits of my coaching:

  • With a multitude of experiences under my belt, I’ve played every role and am able to think through every perspective and type of person.
  • I’m a practitioner. I play tech and leadership at the highest levels and am still a maker; not an academic or ideas guy only.
  • I know my limits and will tell you if we need to find someone else to help, and may even be able to call or text them for input, on the spot.
  • We roleplay. I don’t just give you information, we’ll practice using it. You will feel the vibrations of success and improved confidence as we lock in your new potential.
  • I don’t waste time. At all.
  • Everything will be time-bound: we are trying to achieve X by Y. No infinite coaching.

I will help you internalize the theory behind rhetoric and neuroscience as skills you use in practical ways. Each session progresses through three stages, going from learning and perspective widening to deep internalization.

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