Counting the cost
8 May, 2020

Another ghost-post by my father, David McPeak

Loving Rabbi Jesus enjoins his followers to count the cost… which on the one hand seems cynical and calculating; and on the other hand it seems at odds with what is dished out from pulpits across the world, “Just Love” they all say.

Lest we disregard this statement as a ‘one-off’ or an aberration, think of another of his statements; “be wise as serpents, but gentle as doves.” Again, not often mentioned in the two-dimensional pablum that comes from America’s pulpits.

What I think is going on is that Jesus is addressing real life as it truly is. There is in fact no free lunch. There is a need to shrewdly assess as one makes life decisions. So, if you were thinking that somehow being a Christian or another form of religious follower absolves you of the responsibility of making sound decisions… perhaps you should reconsider that position.

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