Daily Self-Talk

Plots vs. Persons

Consider which pitch you’d rather explore by reading the book or watching the movie: “Someone is kidnapped and dropped into a Brazillian civilization that has

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Concision and silence

This week my mentor shared some articles on silence and concision. Often the most brilliance is found in a poignant pause and a few words

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Try curating a playlist!

A friend of a friend has curated an instrumental playlist for 7 years. I’ve curated a “workin rhythm” playlist for about as long. These playlists

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Young people

As you know, we have 14 interns this summer. I’ve interned many people for the past 15 years. Here’s what I’m noticing about this generation

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On tails and dog-wagging

The process shouldn’t wag the goal The authority shouldn’t wag the goal The chain of command shouldn’t wag the goal The “hard work” someone has

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Zig when they zag

I helped a graduating student apply for a job last week. Job market be like… brutal. I’m often on the receiving end of 100-500 applications

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