Daily Self-Talk

Defining poor user experience

One anti-pattern follows this pattern: On page 1: see page 3On page 3: see page 5On page 5: refer to page 1 Positive pattern: here’s...

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Why I Read Every Day

Reading is one of my “life basics” patterns that if I stop, I spiral downward. But I’m not completely certain why....

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Noticing is painful

Self-awareness hurts. It’s easier to numb and keep doing tomorrow the same things you were doing today. I am learning that spending...

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Should I use a cover letter?

“It depends!” I’ve interviewed solely off of amazing cover lettersSometimes skipped themBeen hired on themProbably had them ignored I...

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Sometimes you use the smartphone. And sometimes the smartphone… well, the smartphone eats you. Rewind life 20 years. Now imagine...

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Reality distortion fields

For those of us who do more project-level work, each project is its own reality distortion field. Behaviors in one get you success and...

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