Daily Self-Talk

When you’re powerless

I’ve felt powerless in most situations for most of my life. But not in some. Here’s something I noticed: When you’re...

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Less is more

WOW! This blog has been out of it for a month! Here’s what happened: my site issues were caused by bloatware a previous consultant...

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Soft vs. Hard Communication

Hard and soft behavior does not equate to mean and niceIt is possible to be soft yet cruel (we all know what this feels like)It is equally...

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Selling to startups

Trying to start up by making money on other start ups is a dangerous pitfall. I think there’s ample room to make equity off of...

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Why do the evil prosper?

When I feel desperate to not be desperate, I often find that it’s my comparison to others that’s driving my desperation. In...

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