Hone Your Skills Beyond Debate.

This bi-weekly mastermind is for experienced debaters beyond the basics who are ready to find out what their skills are really for, thereby elevating their in-round communication.Know More


How a Mastermind works.

There’s a meeting once every two weeks for 90-120 minutes, covering three things:

1. A short lesson Isaiah wishes to emphasize

2. In-depth answers to questions debaters submit in advance

3. Answers to other questions on the call

Answers will consist of answers and often drills or roleplay helping the answer come to life. 

ONE mastermind will hold all LDers, another will hold all TPers. Parli students will be covered in either.

“Isaiah McPeak is one of the most effective coaches I’ve ever seen. He ignites intellectual curiosity and presses students to think, really think. His enthusiasm for teaching logic, reason and rhetoric has significantly influenced me as a coach, and has powerfully impacted my students.” 

– TJ Harding (debate coach, former Stoa board member)

What do you bring to a Mastermind?

Help me with this tough-to-beat case! What do I do with my 1ARs? How do I raise my average speaker points from their current level? My partner is driving me crazy!

We’ll really work on your exact challenge to help you take a giant leap (sometimes a big risk!) to get to the next level.

Cases and Strategy

Forms and Drills

Attitudes and Dispositions

About Your Coach

Sure, Isaiah’s got the debate experience. He still debates!

  • Placed top 5 nationally 5x in highschool and college
  • Wrote a book you’ve probably read (Upside Down Debate)
  • Coached 10 collegiate and high school national #1’s
  • Coached champs in TP, LD, speech, mock trial, and moot
  • Started 4 successful clubs (Vector VA, Impact MD, Lonestar CC, and APEX FL)

What Isaiah really brings is the professional transference:

  • Negotiated and closed deals worth tens of millions
  • Built and led teams from 0 to 50 people
  • Hired over 30 former debaters
  • Built key presentations for military members and department secretaries appointed by the President
  • Interviewed 300 people in just a single year
  • Started 7 businesses, raising millions from VCs
  • Coaches CEOs, authors, and pro athletes

Isaiah transferred debate skills to these professional avenues. 


What You Get for $900/year.

((Parents/Coaches are always free. Families may join with steep discounts.)


1. Access to Isaiah’s Masterminds for LD or TP once every two weeks. 

2. Two personal 60-minute coaching sessions to use throughout the year.

3. One stop-start debate round.

4. Special rates for follow-on coaching.

5. Priority questions for Q&A Masterminds.

6. Two FREE case critiques whenever you want.

“Isaiah’s coaching transformed the way I debate by helping me to look past the details in a debate to the core principle under discussion.”

–John Bush (NCFCA TP Champion, 2013)

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Are you ready to take your skills beyond their current ceiling?

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