Experience vs. Experience vs. Experience

Experience: “I have 30 years of experience.”

There are two ways to have any experience:

  • deep learning through humility and open mind where 30 years of experience = 30 years of progression
  • “I am an expert” and did this same thing over and over for 30 years = 30 years of rote

Experience: My habits and synapses are myelinated enough for this to just flow. Muscle memory. How many years does it take to acquire this kind of experience? Depends on how you practice!

Experience: I’ve done this before.

  • I was there with Truman as he weighed the atom bomb
  • I was there in the White House during the Cuban Missile Crisis
  • I was there with Alexander the Great, Cicero, Solomon, Joan of Arc, etc…

You can acquire experience by deep learning and reading if you’re opening up your imagination to the experience rather than merely “getting through” the book (or 30 years).

How many years of experience do you have?


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