Form following function
17 May, 2021

When form leads:

  • Re-architected processes with no throughput
  • Endless meetings
  • Debate about the right “way” is abstracted from what flows through
  • 1x results, especially in “agile” over-measured creative production

When function leads:

  • Innovation in form is on target since form adjustments flow from the source
  • You end up writing the “here’s how we did it” post 5 years later, prompting a whole bunch of other suckers to think copying your form will get the same results
  • Your tweaks to the process make sense as “solving problems”
  • 10x results, especially in creative work
  • As a leader, you’ll seem in touch because you’ll be in touch when crafting process to match needs

Certainly collect many forms and gather inspiration! Yet there’s no substitute for deeply understanding what you’re trying to do and using all your knowledge of forms as inspiration rather than solution.

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