Handling cancelations
31 Jul, 2020

We’ve all got our guard up. Constantly.

And with good reason!

I just handled my first cancelation at Pinwheel today. It was sad.

Just like in sales you can close the deal by saying “I don’t think this really works for you because…” and watch them argue you into that there’s value there.

So the same, resisting helping a customer leave only makes things worse! And sometimes, you can turn one around when you start by beating them to the punch.

  • “I want to cancel.”
  • “You bet! Let me help with that right away. What’s your account info?” (beat them to the punch—you’re on your way to cancel, with no resistance)
  • “While I pull it up, do you mind sharing what went wrong?” (use “wrong” as emotional language to let them know it’s okay that they can use emotional language and say what they really mean!)
  • Hear them out. Everyone wants to be heard. “That’s beyond frustrating. What else?”
  • Pick up the pieces 🙂 You’ll know what to do.

P.S. turns out grandparents shouldn’t order “healthy devices” for their grandchildren and mail it to Mom without permission 😉

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