I’m putting out a shingle

I thought ya’ll would like to know that I’m retiring from full-time work at Pinwheel and putting out a shingle. I’ll focus on:

  • Communication in any context – sales, discovery, crisis communications, customer service, high stakes problems, and so on.
  • Consulting businesses – solopreneuers, seed stage startups, and businesses that want to align and grow.

To that end you’ll see the Podcast get a rebrand, some blogs from my new Strategic Assistant Esther Shipsey, and more.

I’d like to thank those of you who encouraged me to pursue this new adventure! Especially:

  • Jared Montz – The former MLS pro, soccer coach, entrepreneur, and friend who helps me better assess value, lead lightly, and embrace my “love list” instead of my “can do” list.
  • Steven Tomlinson – My mentor, communications expert extraordinaire, and personal way of being role model, who encouraged me to put out a shingle in the same way he did decades ago.
  • Jenn McPeak – My supportive wife who is enthusiastic about leaps of faith and has entrepreneur battle wounds of her own. Her enthusiasm and faith for my direction is rare and I couldn’t ask for better.
  • Derek White – Someone who encouraged me that what I’m doing by night is truly valuable by day.
  • Esther Shipsey – My Strategic Assistant who not only gets me at a moral and ethical level but continually amazes me with communication chops and a font of knowledge that far exceeds my own.
  • Nathanael Yellis – An encouraging friend and partner in communications coaching who has been a rock for years in encouraging me through highs and lows.
  • Elijah Schow – Elijah has supported me through a dozen crazy adventures for at least a decade. I appreciate his endless patience in my poor password management, systems refinement, and so on, as he graciously produces the podcast, fixes web issues, and designs/develops cool stuff.


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