Job “Postings” are Actually Bets

A job “position” is just a bet.

It’s a bet that some time/cash/other expense to create a role and find a person and add them to the workflow and depend on them will result in a step-level greater return on the other side.

Thus, there are always available jobs outside the postings, and at a startup the “jobs” aren’t positions at all—and you can create your own, like you’re doing right now.

If you reach the decisionmaker and help them imagine, by figuring out their challenges, you can create your own roles and even jobs (I’ve done this several times myself).

What leader is crazy enough to say “nah, I don’t want to spend $60/90/150k to net back $100/250/750k”? They just have to be able to see it.

So help leaders make bets instead of asking if there are available positions to fill. The hard part is getting that meeting.


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