Legendary customer support
4 Aug, 2020

There’s one product at work that we all hate but we use because it’s sunk costs and their support team is empowered to fix all our problems, are highly responsive, and three of us tend to use them as essentially backup staff any time we edit the website.

I remember in the early 2000s working for companies who said “our support will be our differentiator.”


Your product is the differentiator. Magical support can keep the customers in extremely rare circumstances, but that’s not a business model! It’s just a really expensive way to run your product.

How do I know? Because none of us would ever refer this product to someone else (the #1 way to grow, and still 65% of all sales period).

Add legendary support on top of an amazing product and you have a referral machine. Add legendary support to cover up a product and you have a cost center.

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