Less is more

WOW! This blog has been out of it for a month! Here’s what happened: my site issues were caused by bloatware a previous consultant threw into my website to speed things along in a previous project. Turns out there were 400+ malwares and malicious things in my site.

In the end, I had to pay a guy on upwork in Poland to help fix things and he did a great job. It took some time. Now we’re back. Mostly he slashed and burned features.

How often is the wisdom of the age simply that “less is more”?

  • Don’t worry about tomorrow, today has enough of its own worries
  • Accept who and what you are
  • Mindfulness
  • Market focus
  • Design thinking
  • Website plugins 😉

It reminds me of the old “writing a one page paper is much more difficult than a three-page paper” wisdom. How many areas of my life would improve if I embraced that less was more?


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