Molecules of Trust

(Why we’re talking about trust this week, and part 1, atoms of trust)

Molecules for those who want to build trust:

  • High quality supporting materials. Whether professional design or in-depth research, the materials supporting our point build trust.
  • Taking up a case. There’s a massive difference between “someone will get back to you” and “I’ll make sure this is resolved.”
  • Names of things. Whether having the of your domain instead of something weird like, or merely being able to name your theory (e.g. “Inbound Marketing” vs. “the kind of marketing that isn’t based on interruptions,” yay for Hubspot), you earn trust with names and labels.
  • Counts of things. Consider the difference between “here’s something to consider about this” and “here’s one of the only four things that must ever be considered about this.” When you know the total number of concepts (number of economic indicators, number of competitors, number of ways you could do the thing…) you earn trust because they know a potential followup is “tell me about the others.”


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