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I’m heads down designing Pinwheel OS healthy phones for kids right now. My Articles list will be irregular, sticking to parenting, family tech, and related neuroscience.

The Daily Self-Talk blog is inspired by Seth Godin’s daily blog, which I’ve followed for a decade. Expect a dose of micro Isaiah-philosophy, which I’m still working out. Please reply 🙂

Subscribe if you’re interested in content I produce over the next 15+ years. It’ll be tech, communications, neuroscience, behavioral design, philosophy, and possibly science fiction, since I don’t know what I’m going to be when I grow up (and don’t plan to).


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Family tech, neuroscience, communication, product management, growth

A synthesizer of neuroscience, classical rhetoric, philosophy, 5,000+ hours at whiteboards, high stakes presentations, Fortune 10 consulting, and startup growth.

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