One of the ways startups die: non-staged advice
27 Apr, 2020

It’s irresponsible for a software company to charge a first-time founder $100 to “develop an app,” when they haven’t even validated their market or built any web application or considered a responsive web design. It costs 4-6x to change an app because of the extra layers, and early-stage startups are always learning.

It’s irresponsible for a marketing agency to recommend a $20k wordpress site, complete with multiple PSD designs and maybe the $20k “branding” addon, plus a $12k subscription to Hubspot for marketing automation… when they don’t even know what they are marketing yet. And aren’t funded or barely funded.

I could go on, and perhaps will sometime.

I really enjoy giving relief to first-time founders from all the “supposed to do’s” they’re being told. I firmly believe many startups fail because they’re doing 5-10 “supposed to do’s” that are off-stage for where they’re at.

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