Opinionated but Influencable

I believe great leaders are passionate. With that comes declarative statements and strong words.

I’ve also learned the best leaders are amazing listeners. And they love it when people disagree, even softly, with the strong declarative statements.

Turns out that strength of statement may be proxy for this feels really clear in my mind at this second, not I’m an angry parent committed to this position so you better not disagree. To people who feel real clear in their mind at this second it’s the nudge that someone else isn’t persuaded by that that immediately puts on significant brakes, even more so!

Wait a sec… if they didn’t think that clear, resounding statement is what we should do, since it seemed so clear to me, I’ve just GOT to figure out their perspective!

So if you’re not the boss, consider how you may add value by sharing your perspective when they seem passionate, instead of heaping coals on yourself.


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