Plots vs. Persons
2 Jul, 2020

Consider which pitch you’d rather explore by reading the book or watching the movie:

  • “Someone is kidnapped and dropped into a Brazillian civilization that has never been contacted by outsiders”
  • “How a person just like you transformed during a bizarre set of circumstances”

The first one is all plot and setting, the second one is all character with literally zero information about the plot and setting. Obviously these are improved when combined:

  • “How an average American transforms when dropped with nothing into a never-before-contacted Brazillian tribe”

A story without a character is simply a plot. Develop the who before you develop the storyline.

Can be used for all pitches, presentations, demos, and so on, like this:

  • WHO am I speaking to? Investor, company, secretary, executive, etc.
  • What are THEY like?
  • How does MY PLOT (pitch, demo, etc) relate?
  • Invite them on a journey as persons instead of inflicting your plot upon them.

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