Reality Victimization
1 Jun, 2020

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Reality is often infuriating. Wrong person gets a promotion, breaking in is unfair, people are getting grants that make no sense, and black men are murdered by cops.

The reality is, reality is usually infuriating. So we each must find strategies to deal with it, rather than be a victim of it.

Strategy 1: You can work within reality. But realize that one of reality’s most infuriating attributes is it’s always changing. “Get a degree, you’ll get a job” is one of countless formulas currently being shed by reality.

Strategy 2: You can try and create new reality.

Strategy 3: Or you can stay angry and stay a victim of reality.

Don’t pick Strategy 3.

Actually, Strategy 1 and Strategy 2 are the same if you avoid reality victimization. Strategy 1 works the system without committing to it. Strategy 2 changes reality by moving from reality to new reality, rather than preaching the ideal. Ray Dalio would call this “pragmatic idealism” I think.

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