Role before title
18 May, 2020

One of the ways to look at a career path is to identify the job role you want, then apply to get an entry level position. Thus the perennial questions:

  • How do I become a Product Manager?
  • How do I become a Project Manager?
  • How do I become a (notice it’s usually manager…)?

There’s a more certain way to try the role, eventually get the role, and feel certain you’re ready for it: do the role before you have the title.

Job titles put on a dime one of the disconnects it seems the prior generations have with “millennials” and current rising professionals. Here’s how to fix that. (Today’s post is no time for commentary on who taught us to sometimes use entitlement tactics… who cares.)

Want to be a manager?

Influence everyone to be better, get your milestones organized, consistently show up to your manager with priority tradeoffs that make loads of sense, focus on well-defined problems rather than questions, avoid the royal “we should,” and always know what high-level KPI or metric your exact work is driving (and help the rest of your team do the same, via inspiration… showing what kind of “manager” you’d really be).

You’ll quickly find yourself with that job title, because it’s the name for what you’re doing.

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