Speaking Topics

Most things are better caught than taught. As a master coach, I’ve honed my skill to lay foundation for about 10-30 minutes and then workshop/roleplay with participants, meeting them where they’re at. They’ll feel success—always harder to do than to hear about.

That’s why I am often voted the best presenter (ProductCamp Austin, Toastmasters train the trainer, NIHD, speaking camps, etc)… because lectures and sermons can just leave you hanging, but workshops get you going.

I’ll custom-develop a workshop that combines leadership/startups/communications in any way to serve your team or group. 

Common Workshops

  • The neuroscience of dropping guard: acting the toughest [Product Management/Your Discipline] conversations you’ll have with execs, peers, and customers
  • The executive launch frame: workshop on launching levelled up meetings with execs
  • Pitch workshop (I’ve secured millions in funding, closed millions in deals, and coached speakers for years – a trust-centric approach)
  • Founders must close the first deals; here’s a co-creative sales approach you can use without being a “Challenger”
  • Uniting product / marketing / sales around developing the same exact value propositions
  • Figures of speech workshop: developing memorable phraseology like a Shakespearian marketer (see ATX Action Design video on the right)
  • Sales Discovery: organize your sales team’s value propositions, evidence, and conversation flows into a winning, gated, and relational approach that works better

You can literally drop me into a room of young professionals, founders, or executives and I will ask three questions about today’s challenges and find a way to accelerate, engage, inform, and align. Turning ambiguity into value by synthesizing on the fly is my greatest strength 🙂.

Occasionally I’ll just lecture/tell a story, then engage in a long Q&A:
  • How We Cut a Product Team’s costs 31% and Improved Quality, Speed, and Happiness by 25%+ each
  • How Peacemaker’s Persuade: a polka-dotted mental model


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A synthesizer of neuroscience, classical rhetoric, philosophy, 5,000+ hours at whiteboards, high stakes presentations, Fortune 10 consulting, and startup growth.

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