Startup CEO question: “How should I do a check in with the team?”
21 May, 2020

With a team of 5, start with individual conversations. Here’s a menu to prompt feedback and discussion. Being heard is inherently motivating.

1. What *company goals* are you driving to with your current work? ensue discussion about whether that’s the right direction, the close goal, and their work really drives the goal / should they drop some stuff or skip something 

2. What’s the dumbest thing I have you working on? 

3. What’s standing in the way of the goal? The big challenges that daunt you? 

4. What are your top concerns about direction in the other departments? 

5. What are your top concerns about our team and people?

These sort of conversations are frequent and informal for me when I’m at my best as a leader. I also recommend a weekly or biweekly pulse check, which I can share some other time, to collect anonymous feedback and put some numbers on alignment/misalignment.

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