Want to see something crazy? New role for me…
20 May, 2020

I took on a new role yesterday: marketing. Or, as I like to call it, growth. (Because growth marketing is so different from brand marketing—it’s not arts and crafts, it’s getting people to fall in love with your product and becoming raving fans as the primary feedback loop to product build).

How I’m going about it:

  1. Determine who to try and target as most likely valuable audiences. Hypotheses: 1. Affluent mothers who are intentionally raising free-range children or buy into therapy language. 2. Tech dads who don’t babysit because they’re fathers. 3. Divorcees managing split-home contacting from their children.
  2. Figure out where these people may be reached. They don’t necessarily congregate, but hopefully do (for our efficiency!) in some places. Are tech dads really on Instagram and FB? Probably not so much. What magazine to divorcees read? I’ve never seen “split-home magazine” on display on a coffee table 😉
  3. Figure out who these people trust in those places. Earn their trust and create a value proposition with them.

Okay. That’s not going to be easy.

Now here’s something crazy… This is a picture of my marketing tech stack. (You’ll have to click the email link to see it)

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