What would it mean to activate humanity?
16 Apr, 2020

Activating humanity. It’s a fascinating topic, and sort of a personal mission.

Activation is so much different than persuasion. Activation tries to trigger the potential someone already has to attempt to do what they already want to do, but aren’t.

It requires painting a vision, the Emotional ROI of having done what is true to oneself—the reward is worth the effort. But that’s only theory.

Then we have to help someone, including ourselves, find that first step to get started as attainable. Usually that means a smaller first step, but one that still feels like progress.

Humanity is about to be a trendy word, in my opinion, as we shed the “just work hard” Boomer mentality and keep peeling back the layers towards well-being, of which one is accepting, celebrating, and building emotional capacity and skill.

Humanizing sales, interviews, marketing, speaking, hard conversations, presentations, product design, team building, and leadership. I’ve experienced and demonstrated the power of activating humanity on these teams. It requires tough principles, and some letting go, that lead to 10x culture. It’s about the skills to treat others as people and thereby increase your influence, impact, and joy.

I need this too. To activate my own humanity better, more often, more deeply.

When we operate outside ourselves first, from an others perspective facing inwards, we will flip the script in every industry and our own lives.

Transform default patterns from anxious guesswork or clinching the cookie more tightly to a pattern of calm, confident leadership that knows how to find success by motivating and inspiring others–with certainty of what makes them tick.

I feel like I want to keep score towards a goal… 10,000 humans activated, or some such. Brene Brown certainly has. Therapists must feel great when they bring out the thriving, inner child in someone, who accepts their full selves in every area of life.

It’s always an ongoing journey, of course. But we often have to be activated in different contexts to let ourselves human there.

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