Who is the protagonist?
13 Apr, 2020

You’re one of 14 people getting my first daily self-talk micro blog. And I’m guessing the email format is probably buggy, because it sure was a pain to set up!

It won’t offend me if you unsubscribe. This style is not what you’re used to from me.

Three people inspire me to take the commitment to write a daily blog (sans Sundays):

  1. Stephen Pressfield, author of The War of Art, Gates of Fire, and more of my favorites. His thing is he clocks in and writes from 10-3 each day, or whatever. Gotta crank it out.
  2. Ray Dalio. His book Principles recently really kicked my butt. I want to use this blog to write towards some of mine.
  3. Seth Godin, most of all. He is one of my mentors, though he has never met me. Here’s a mashup of his words on this topic.

“Everyone should write a blog, every day, even if no one reads it. There’s countless reasons why it’s a good idea and I can’t think of one reason it’s a bad idea. The daily blog…it’s one of the top 5 career decisions I’ve ever made. I don’t need anyone’s permission. I don’t need to go out and promote it. I don’t use any analytics. I don’t have comments. It’s just: this is what I noticed today and I thought I’d share it with you. If you are in public, making predictions and noticing things, your life gets better, because you will find a discipline that can’t help but benefit you. Are you able, every day, to say one thing that’s new that you can stand behind?”

Seth Godin

I’ll probably… certainly say the same thing twice. Different ways, hopefully. That’s me chewing on a notion. 

Something funny about life is that we are in a story, tell our own story about our story, and don’t even know the start or end of our own story. I’m pretty interested to watch, though!

This is about who I am as a person; a protagonist in my own life story.

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