Why do the evil prosper?
25 Aug, 2020

When I feel desperate to not be desperate, I often find that it’s my comparison to others that’s driving my desperation.

In reality, we’re at the most comfortable time in history. That I have pressing monthly expenses, house payments (in this HUGE house I share with no other family), and work pressure at this startup where I don’t have to use a shovel or ration food as I store winter’s supplies due to less rain, well… these only hurt because I believe I’ve lived a life focused on giving to others that deserves less struggle than others I see who don’t appear to be struggling yet seem more self-focused.

And hilariously, I find that I enjoy backpacking to a remote spot and roughing it for a bit. Like, what? I could be happy in the woods eating dry Ramen and fish I catch.

I’d just feel cranky if someone who wasn’t kind sat beside me and caught more fish than I did.

Comparison is the evil, I think, not a person.

(P.S. My site is still having weird .htaccess file issues… getting a professional to solve the problems, thanks for the patience)

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