Why I Read Every Day

Reading is one of my “life basics” patterns that if I stop, I spiral downward. But I’m not completely certain why. I’ve never asked myself! Here are some answers I’m coming up with right now:

  • Because my Dad (a career Army officer) said that they say if you read 15 minutes a day, no matter what it is, you’ll likely make General
  • My family has like 10 bookshelves and we didn’t have a TV growing up
  • Relationship building with amazing characters… right there, in a book.
  • Experiencing experiences that I haven’t had. Books open up the part of the brain that extrapolates and imagines, kind of like a real experience. Mucho wisdom, lesso cost.

Some good reads lately:

  • Turn the ship around
  • History of Pyrates by Defoe
  • On the shortness of life: life is long if you know how to use it, by Seneca
  • The surrender experiment


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