Young people
26 Jun, 2020

As you know, we have 14 interns this summer. I’ve interned many people for the past 15 years. Here’s what I’m noticing about this generation (of people who applied to work at a tech startup…):

  • Mission is everything. They want to care about their work. (me too)
  • They’re much harder workers than you’d expect, if led well.
  • They really don’t raise their hand or speak up—at all—no matter the format, amount of encouragement, who it’s coming from, example-setting and so on. You’ve got to tease it out of them. Open door policies and their “let me know if you have any questions” ilk are guarantees to not get the truth from them.
  • They know how to research and find solutions to problems.
  • They pick up lingo incredibly quickly and know how to look it up when they don’t know.
  • They want to connect honestly and authentically online when doing marketing.
  • They’re not afraid to sell a product they believe in.

I like young people. Always have. Always will. The generations do change.

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