Zig when they zag
21 Jun, 2020

I helped a graduating student apply for a job last week. Job market be like… brutal.

I’m often on the receiving end of 100-500 applications for 1-7 yr experience roles. There are so, so many with Ivy League degrees, 15 correct certifications, and the highest test scores you’ve seen. What if you don’t have any of that?

Don’t try!

Try and be the person they want to work with. It won’t guarantee you get the role, but you can’t fake it at being the perfect “professional” applicant when you’re up against the real deal. You can totally seem like the not up-tight, hungry, enjoyable, non-complaining, hustling, emotionally intelligent, do-what-it-takes person that you are—the opposite of a square who learned the rules and won at them.

The right people will find you. So more cover letters like this, please:

This job speaks to me. That is who I am!

At BMW I explained and demonstrated technology to clients, from showing someone how to use Launch Control to house calls where I taught a lady what Bluetooth was. At a vape shop, I helped people quit smoking and fixed hardware to the best of my abilities. (I also turned into a bit of an involuntary therapist).

I’m a non-specialist generalist ready to grow. I will kick their asses, whoever they are!

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